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The use of technologies is increasing in overall life and it is ready to be used in case of diabetes as there are as few developments in this regard. Let’s see what they are consisted of. 

Insulin Analogues 

Rapid-acting and long-acting insulin have prepared that allow the diabetic people to control their diabetes significantly. For rapid acting analogues, the studies of new insulin are presented whose action resembles more accurately to the secretion of insulin from pancreas of non-diabetic people when food is ingested as its activity is earlier and vanishes. Long-acting insulin promises much insulin to ensure that its effect will last for 24 hours a day with the added advantage of letting the mixture with rapid insulin, either by manual mixing in the same syringe as fixed mixture. 

Insulin Delivery 

After fiasco of inhaled insulin marketed and withdrawn shortly after, it appeared that this route was banned. However, several laboratories are working in this route of administration and still have not thrown in the towel and actually provided inhaled insulin with much more convenient and small device with studies of safety and effectiveness that make hopes renewed that in not too distant future, use of this route will be possible and prevalent but further research and experiments are required for this pathway. 

Insulin Pumps 

Matt Traverso Technological advancements are incessant and even make us conceive the belief that time is very near to get pump closed loops or artificial pancreas, capable of secreting insulin as per patient's needs. The insulin pumps should be recalled that secrete hormone insulin in subcutaneous tissue under skin,and the gap until it passes blood becomes very difficult for the rapid response needed when the diabetic patient exercises or has some meals. 

The pumps that administer insulin to the peritoneum could play a vital role. You might ask it if is possible for a pump to work autonomously, secreting insulin scheduled by doctor who in turn can base patient’s sugar measurements during the day. But this is very much possible and time will decide if can really happen. 

Continuous Monitoring Of Blood Sugar  

Continuous monitoring of insulin may be linked with using insulin pump or independently. Regarding the first method, only the laboratory Medtronic has coupled to the glucose sensor and every 5 minutes a fasting glucose appears in display of the pump as it takes measures of blood sugar with traditional methods to calibrate the device 2 or 3 times every day fitness.

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